First Grade to Preteen, Sarah, Abraham and Isaac

      I set up something that looked like a tent, took out all the tables and chairs. We sat on the floor as I told the story of Abraham and Sarah when God told them they would have a son. We had little cakes made of poppy seed and made tents out of card stock, we sewed the cards together. We had a great time.
(Special Thanks to Becky for this great idea)

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      how excited they were when they saw the paper chain grow, and as they cut each chain link again and again, and it continued to expand, we reminded them of our Sunday School lesson about Sarah and Abraham having Isaac and God's promise to Abraham that his children would multiply - as many as the stars in the Heavens - just how the paper chain gets larger and larger, as we follow the instructions like Abraham following God's instructions. TO MAKE THE CHAIN: Cut long, thick strips of butcher paper (one or two for each child, in case they want to make a second chain). Strips can be as long as you feel the child feels comfortable with - the longer the more fun. Supply scotch tape, enough to share comfortably, and explain the paper strip should be made into a chain, but they should make one twist to the strip before taping the two ends together. The teacher should make sure to instruct the children to thoroughly tape every part of the paper where the ends meet. This is a very important point, or the surprise will not take place. Now each child uses a children's scissors and they begin cutting lengthwise down the center of the chain link, thinking when finished cutting the entire chain they will have two chains. SURPRISE - the chain becomes twice the size it was originally! They can cut the chain again and again, each time the chain will become longer. Note: If you make the beginning strip of paper thick, besides long, the longer the excitement and the more times the children will be able to cut it lengthwise and watch it grow. Even the grown-ups were excited! God bless you, one and all.
(Special Thanks to Gail Kubat, Valley Springs, CA)