Preschool, Salvation Related Activities

*    Have kids sit in a circle while one kid goes around the circle touching each child's head and saying Jesus Jesus Jesus saves and at the word "saves" the child has to stand up and the other child sits down and let the game repeat itself.

*    Put Jesus in your Heart; Have each kid draw a red heart on one side, and write "Jesus" on the other side of a 3" square of paper. Staple the end of a straw down the center of the piece of paper so that the straw makes a stick (handle) with the paper at the top of the straw. Place the handle end of the straw between the palms of your hands, and move your hands back and forth making the straw and paper spin one way and then the other. As you watch the paper, notice that the word "Jesus" seems to be in the heart. Ask the kids how to put Jesus in their hearts. Teach Salvation from Romans 10:10-17.

*    The Fishers of Men, Fishing Games
How to Play: Each kid takes a turn fishing for fish. Each fish (laying on the floor) has the name of a sin on the bottom side so that the fishers can not see any of the sins. This is because, as a fisher of men (and ladies) we find that, most people hide their sins, but God knows everything. After the fish is caught it is washed clean in the water (a pan of water). And this is like the people that have heard and received the Word. They are washed clean by the Word, and the shed blood of Jesus Christ.
Useful Versus: John 3:16, Heb. 10: 16-26, 1 Cor. 6: 6-11, Eph. 5:26, Titus 3: 1-8, Romans 10: 8 -11

Set-Up: Using old plastic milk jugs, cut out fish (side view) that are about 4-6" long. They need to be long enough to write the various sins on. There are some special problems to think about when making this activity. Since the fish are cut outs they will be tall and very thin. When you lay the fish down, one side of the fish will become the top (visible) side and the other side will become the bottom (hidden) side.
     Most inks do not stick to plastic very well. Those are the inks that you use for writing a sin on the bottom (hidden) side of each fish. So in order to color the fish you need to find a marker or paint that is especially made to mark on plastic. Only color the fish on the top (visible) side. You may run into a problem if you color the bottom and then write a sin in another color over the base color. Especially, if you then try to wash the sin off of the fish.
After each fish is colored and a wash-off-able sin is written on the bottom side of each fish, put a standard metal (not plastic) paper clip on its mouth. When you are done, only the sin should wash off.
     The fishing pole is made with a stick or dowel. Cut a piece of string to a length appropriate for the size kids in the class. Tie a string to one end of the stick, and tie a magnet to the other end of the string. To get a free magnet, go to your local electric motor repair shop. They always have an old junk motor they can take a magnet out of. Test your activity to insure that you have a big enough magnet.
(Special thanks to Ann Givens, and Lois Peterman from Delaware for sharing this activity.)

*   Give yourself to Jesus; Explain to the Kids that the best present that anyone can give to Jesus is themselves. They do not have to be rich or pretty or anything else. You just have to ask God to forgive you of your sins. (Romans 10:10-17). Tell them that Jesus loves them just the way they are, so they do not have to have anything but a heart that wants Jesus. Ask them if they want to give themselves to Jesus. Then wrap the ones that do with a ribbon and bow, and lead them in asking for forgiveness and present them to God as a present.