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Christian Preschool Age Games and Activities about the Apostles

When teaching about the Apostles Try these:

1.      Tell your kids that the Apostles lived most of their lives as very normal people. They were not always a super person for Christ. They only became a super person for Christ after they opened their hearts and let Christ into their lives. Christ changed their lives from normal to Super and that changed the lives of the people the Apostles met. They had jobs just like regular people. Luke was a Doctor, Simon Peter and Andrew were fishermen, and so on. They were normal people until Christ came into their lives. Tell them all of the jobs the Apostles had before they met Christ. Then have each of your kids pick an Apostle and draw that Apostle doing that job. Then have them draw a picture of themselves with a cape on as if they were Superman / Superwoman. While they are drawing, explain to them that that is what Christ can do in their lives if they let Christ into their life and learn to listen to God and do what He says.

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2.     Simon says meets the Apostles: The idea of this game is just to teach the names of the Apostles. Assign the Name of an Apostle to each kid. Then play Simon says, but only use the Apostle's name when talking to each kid. And tell each kid what Simon says individually.
Example: Simon says the Apostle Simon Peter can take one step forward. Only the kid that is Simon Peter can move. The rest of the kids must wait for their turn.

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