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Money saving games for exchanging Christmas present

Confessional Verses

Confession is good for the soul, prosperity, mental and physical health and many other things
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National Do Not Call Registry


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Should Christians Vote
My Prayer
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A booklet on Beginner Videography


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Unleaven Bread
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Salvation Messsages

Ask, "Why we need salvation?"
need a real surprise!
do not operate in Love!
need to know God Loves them!
are disobedient and unruly!


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You can not have the site name "Apple Sauce Kids or the URL, but you can have the content of the pages. All of the pages of this web site are now available to the general public for free, simply copy and paste anything you wish from this site. I have spent many years producing and collecting these materials. I openly and freely give the contents of this web site to anyone who wants them, please feel free to copy and share everything that is here. Why have I done this? If you start by looking at time starting from the moment the Rapture occures, these things will happen:
1. All of the great Christian teachers and pastors will be gone. There will be no highly trained teacher for the people of the future.
2. Within a few months, all of the Christian web sites will start shutting down, some of that will happen simply because no one is paying the bills. Others will be shutdown on purpose by the government and other enemies of Christianity. The amount of Christian materials that are available to the people in the future will start to disapear. I'm sure much will be destroyed on purpose. What I'm doing is spreading the contents of my web site all over the world in a way that would be very hard for the enemies of Christ to stop.
What I want to do is some how get Christian materials, of all kinds, through the Tribulation to the people on the other side of the Tribulation and I am encourageing everyone to do the same thing. I do believe that some books, DVDs, etc. will get through, but not very many. Please feel free to copy this site and make DVDs, share them and hide them.
This is not a club, there are no meetings. I am doing this on my own and I encourage you to do the same. At some point in the future these materials can be used to reestablish Christian web sites.




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