Safety Disclaimer


     Apple Sauce Kids has not created, nor do we list any games, activities, movies, or scripts, that we believe to be dangerous, or harmful. In order for anyone to get hurt during the use of any Apple Sauce Kids game, activity, movie, or script, you must have misused, and misunderstood the information contained at Apple Sauce Kids. Any and all persons that use these games, activities, movies, or scripts, use them at their own risk. We have no control over your perceptions or version of this or any other script, movie, game, or activity. Safety should always be the first concern! Remember, your activity will not be a fun experience if anyone gets hurt! Also remember that all stunts, falls, pushing, tripping, running, or any other aspect of any game, activity, script, or movie activity, is just for fun. NO ONE is to get hurt! NONE of the games, activities, movies, or scripts should cause any pain or injury, in any way, shape or form! All stunts should be done with caution, planning, and the care necessary to insure that NO ONE GETS HURT! We have not designed these games, activities, movies, and scripts to need a lot of safety equipment, but we do not know what you are going to do with them. It is your responsibility to insure that your activity, script, movie, or game is safe, and that safety equipment is used, no matter what the instructions say. Be sure to use all necessary safety equipment at all times (pads, helmets, safety glasses, mats, etc.). If you think that you may need safety equipment for your version of a game, activity, movie, or script, by all means, use safety equipment. Plan all stunts carefully, and go over the stunts in detail with all participants. Caution all participants that NO ONE should ever act, or over act in such an exaggerated manner that any one would ever get hurt.

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