Helping Hands

    I have a great game that I call "Helping Hands." Before class I wrote out different scenarios in which someone would have to have help. I folded these up and put them in a basket. Before we began I asked the children to choose a partner. One of the pair would reach into the basket and pull out a folded piece of paper. The object of the game was to be someone's "helping hands." The person who drew would have to read aloud what was written on the paper and together, without talking, the two would have to communicate and figure out how to solve the problem they were facing. These are a few examples of what can be written:
    1. Your partner's shoe is untied.
    2. You each have only one hand. Help him/her tie their shoe.
    3. Your partner is not able to walk.
    4. Help your partner across the room.
My group of children range from 7-11. They had a ball with this game. It was a great lesson.
(Special thanks to the Bodkins for sharing this great activity)