Believe in Jesus, lesson #2
Hi, my name is Petra and my church has every Sunday during the regular service something what they call "Children Service".  At a certain time during regular service all of the kids come to the front and the Minister in charge of the children brings up a certain subject and asks for the kids input.
Three weeks ago the subject was how to bringing Jesus into your life. The Minister asked the kids if they have seen the movie "The Gringe", (you can talk about any movie you wish), which most of the kids have.  Then she asked the kids what happened to the Gringe in the beginning and how he changed at the end of the movie. Then she asked the kids as how you can learn about Jesus how can you bring him more into your life.
Before the kids answered the questions she gave her special helper for that day (an older kid) a red balloon.  Every time a kid gave an answer the older kid blew up the balloon until the balloon was blown up all the way.  Then she explained that this is what will happen to your heart when you believe in Jesus. 
At the beginning your heart is very little with no love and the more you pray, read the bible, talk to your friends about Jesus, etc., your heart gets bigger and so does your love for Jesus.
You be surprised about the answers you will get from the kids.
This also teaches parents a lesson to be careful about what they teach their kids about certain things, because sometimes kids repeat what they learn from their parents, especially when you are sitting in the middle of church service.
Special thanks to Petra England for this great Object Lesson.