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For the uplifting of Jesus Christ
Events at church keep people focused on Jesus Christ and His Church
What is Serve Day?

What is Serve or Service Day? Serve Day or Service Day is a day that your christian organization/church reaches out to your local area to do three things at the same time.
1. Show God's love in action.
2. Help people.
3. Draw people into God's church.

What are some of the services your church can offer on Serve Day?
This is just a short list of ideas, please feel free to add more. Some of these ideas will require people with special skills. These services are only offered for one day.

  • Hair cuts
  • Lawn mowing
  • Food delivery
  • House keeping
  • Baby sitting
  • Basic health checks: blood pressure, body temperature, and other simple test performed by qualified people.
  • How to apply make-up
  • Simple starter classes in various art forms like: dance, painting, drawing, making things with balloons: animals, flowers etc.
  • Help filling out government forms like: immigration, taxes, building permits, student loans, etc.
  • Digital Photos, individual or family, the pictures are available for free on the photographers web site or a site like Google Photo for free download in a week or two. Note: children can get free or low cost pictures at school, adults/senior citizens, may not have good pictures to remember them by. Digital photos are easy for the family to share. This can work for the pastor and all others too.
  • This is also a good day to acknowledge people who have been good to your organization like: politians, people in your church or govenment officials and others with certificates of appreciation, and a nice picture that they can show around doesn't hurt either.

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