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The March for Jesus and Tent America

The latest Info:

is Sept. 27-30, 2018, 10am to 5pm

in Dover, Delaware, on the Green, rain or shine

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Sound Effects

Ask TV

Confessional Verses

Be an independent Photo/Video Volunteer

How to be a free-lance independent Christian Balloon Volunteer

What is Serve Day

Photos - Videos from events

Confessional Verses

Confession is good for the soul,

prosperity, mental and physical

health and many other things

Healing Words



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Should Christians Vote

My Prayer

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A booklet on Beginner Videography


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Home made recipes

Unleaven Bread

Playdough Recipes

Finger Paint Recipes

Ooze Recipes

Salvation Messsages

Ask, "Why we need salvation?"

need a real surprise!

do not operate in Love!

need to know God Loves them!

are disobedient and unruly!


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Teacher Corners

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Remember: God has not called us to simply talk the talk
but he has called us to walk the walk


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