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Fun with your camcorder
      I think that starting a movie making club with your camcorder is a great way to get involved with kids. There are lots of themes that a movie making club can follow, fore instance a club can make Christian videos, music videos, fun videos, historic videos (like westerns), and so on. I think that one of the best youth group ideas is to have the older kids act in movies (skits) that can be used for teaching the younger kids in their Sunday School classes. 
      The main point of your club should be to lead kids to Christ through Love. Do not beat them on their heads with your Bible. They will not come back! It is much easier to love them into the kingdom. And second, to help them to grow up to be good citizens before man and God. Get the kids from around your neighborhood and have fun. Remember: when your actors stop having fun they stop coming back. To help you start your movie making club, Apple Sauce Kids has created all of the script ideas shown here. We freely give these scripts and ideas to the Public Domain. You do not have to ask permission to use anything shown at Apple Sauce Kids. It is free for the taking.  Your movie making club should follow some simple rules, which are listed here.       You may get some good movie making ideas from these web sites.
Please note that I have no control over what other web sites display. I have listed these links because they have a lot of great information. They may also have some information that is not so great! You are an adult, take what you want, and leave the rest!

Video backgrounds
Movie Making Basics
This is a 3 x 4 Story Board that you can copy and use. Draw the scene that you are going to shoot in the top square. Put the Dialog for the scene in the middle square. And the description of the shot in the bottom square.
 Click here to see the list of free scripts on our Drama page.
Info on Costumes, Costume patterns, and props.

     Now that you are ready to get started try some of these movie skit ideas. Please feel free to take and use these ideas, and then create some of your own! This is a long page.

The Never Ending Youth Project

     The dream of every youth header:
1. Fresh, fun activities for both younger and older kids.
2. The little kids see the big kids talking about Christ through the movies that are played in their Sunday School classes.
3. The big kids feel obligated to live what they say.
4. A project that runs on the creativity of the group.
5. Once you get started, it requires very little money to keep it going.

      A Living dictionary is a dictionary that is made up of movies, not pages. Each word in the dictionary is a short movie. When you finish making a movie that defines one word, you just pick the next word and make a movie that defines it. You can put your movies into the church library, or on the Internet, and give copies to the kids. The nice thing is that every few years you have a new batch of kids, and you can do some of your best words over again. For instance, you might make a movie about Jesus the Savior. Your movie should tell who He is, where He lived, who He saved, tell about the resurrection, He is the son of God, and many other things. This can easily be done with several short easy to learn, fun skits, and can be shot over several months.
Try these words: Jesus the Healer, Jesus the Intercessor, The Word, The Bible, Love, Faith, and millions more! This is truly the youth project that never ends. The kids stay in a teaching mode.
     Once your Sunday School Film Library gets going, the Sunday school teachers for the younger kids will start showing the tapes in their classes when they get to those topics. The idea is to have the older kids make movies that will be used to help teach the little kids Sunday School Classes.

Warped Drive
     Warped Drive is a complete script designed for the first time movie maker. It is short, easy to make and all fun! The story is about a group of bungling aliens that try to conquer Earth. Click here to see the entire script.

Funniest home video night
(This is totally just for fun)

     This takes a few weeks to set up. Announce to everyone in church that you are going to have a "Funniest home video night". Ask to see how many people have short funny video clips that they are willing to share with everyone. A couple of weeks later invite everyone to watch the videos and have some light refreshments.

Create a skit book

     A good way to get your Movie making club going is to start a skit book. A skit book is a standard 3 ring binder with dividers. Since some of your movies will be made up of a lot of short skits, the skit book will give you a place to collect all of these short skits until you have enough to make a movie. Set the book up so that each divider is a different movie. That will allow the kids to add their skit ideas to the movie that interest them. When you have enough good skits in one divider, start making the movie. The kids can still add their ideas to the other movies in the book. There are a couple of good reasons to have a skit book.
1. It is a great teacher of the language skills they will need when they grow up. Do not
    let them add any skit ideas to the book that are not well thought out, written clearly,
    and complete.
2. It teaches them that a good easy to follow movie comes from planning.
3. It teaches them to think about how each skit relates to the others. Sometimes when
    you go through all of the skits in a divider, you will realize that what you really have
    is the skits for two or three movies not just one movie. A skit book is a great place
    to start.

(Some loose skit ideas and facts about Jesus)

(movie skits and  ideas)

      A "Cubit" is an ancient unit of measure, remember Noah's Ark. This link goes to a fact sheet that explains what a cubit is, and a loosely written set of skits about cubits. This is fun, and educational.

Rod Serling

      A skit about people that expect churches to change their doctrinal rules just to please them. The skit has the flavor of the old Rod Serling Twilight Zone TV Show, with a little tongue in cheek fun.


      Have all of the kids get involved in making a movie of the testimonies of the people in your church, or as many as are practical. You want to do this either before or after services. In some situations you may be able to do it as a service. The kids set everything up and do the taping. The idea is that not only the kids, but many of the new people in church will hear the personal testimony, and see what God has done in each persons life. You may be amazed by some of the testimonies you hear, and so will the kids. They will watch each person talk about the people that have witnessed to them. How God dealt with them. The problems that God delivered them from and much more. Pray about this, You may want to have an alter call afterwards. You can then make the tape a part of the church library and show it to people as God leads you. There are lots of variations of this idea. Testimonies can be very powerful.

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