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Preschool, Develope basic Bible knowledge

1.      I used this game in children's church yesterday with kids from grades 3-6 and they loved it.
Materials Needed: A whiteboard or chalkboard to keep score; a list of questions (review or general Bible knowledge)
Preparation: Choose two or three outgoing and knowledgeble girls to be "mothers." Divide the rest of the class into two to three teams.
To Play: The team members play in turn. The first team member must decide whether to try to answer the question himself/herself or to ask one of the "mothers." If he/she answers the question correctly, the team gets 200 points. If a "mother" anwsers the question correctly, the team gets 100 points. Either way, the turn then goes to the other team.
(Special Thanks to Jerri Fusch for this great idea)

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