Apple Sauce Kids

Preschool, Lying Related Activities

1.     Lying, The Lying Snake; Take 3 or 4 rubber snakes, each a different size, from small to as large as you can borrow or make. Tie them together with a small string, in order from the smallest to the largest with about two feet of string between each snake. Put everything in a box from the largest snake on the bottom to the smallest snake on top. Do not let the kids see the snakes until you are ready to tell them the story of the lying snake.
     (The Story of the Lying Snake) Did you know that lies are like snakes? They sure are. Did you know that some snakes eat other snakes? Lies are like that too, you start by telling a little lie (show them the smallest snake) and the next thing you know, that leads you to have to tell a bigger lie to hide the little lie. (Work your way down the string toward the next snake) It can get to the point where you have to hide from the people that you told the lie to. It's almost like hiding from a snake (show the next bigger snake). Each lie just leads (Work your way down the string toward the next snake) to a bigger and bigger, and harder to hide lie, like a great big snake (show the biggest snake). You don't want to be afraid of people, and you do not want them to ask you questions you can not answer. Tell the truth and you will not have to hide from the things you say.

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