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Preschool, the Armor of God

1.    I read the scriptures in the bible that tells about the full armor of God and why each is necessary. I then had the kids color a shield, helmet, breastplate, and a sword that I drew at home and made copies of. They then wrote on the back of it what each piece was (breastplate of righteousness, helmet of salvation, etc) and its purpose. We then cut them out and stapled a piece of ribbon to the back of each and tied it to a set of each to a hanger. (I used small flexible colored kids’ hangers) This was really cute when we finished. I made one with them so that we could hang it up in our room. Now they have a reminder on their walls, that with Gods armor they will be ready for anything! Hope someone can use this.
(Special Thanks to Kimberly L. for this great idea)

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