Apple Sauce Kids

Preschool, Learn Stewardship

      AUCTION OBJECT: Choices, Stewardship
     MATERIALS: Play money, set of cards, gavel (if available) PREPARATION: Make up a set of cards. Some cards should have one material item a child might want. Other cards should have items to help others. Example of material items: IPOD, my own TV, game system, cool athletic shoes, new bike, etc. Example of other items: world peace, missionaries, church projects, a cure for cancer, all my friends to know Jesus, a better job for my dad, etc.
     PROCEDURE: Distribute the play money evenly between the kids. A maximum of $500 in various denominations works best. If you give them too much money the game does not work as well. Hold up a card and read it out loud. The children "bid" on the item on the card, with the highest bidder getting the card. After all the items are sold, have a discussion on their choices. Some kids will have spent wisely; others will have spent too much on one item. Do NOT criticize their choices. The point will come through very nicely. I have a real gavel, which added to the fun, but a lightweight hammer works well, too.Click here for some Auction Cards that you can use. Page: 123
(Special Thanks to Jerri Fusch, Sunday School and Children's Church Teacher, for sharing this great activity)

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