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Free Christian Sunday school text lessons, resources and materials

      These lessons vary in size, some are small and can be taught in one class, and others will go on for weeks. Because it is so hard to create lessons for every type of class and age group, we have filled these lessons with lots of meat. To adapt each lesson to your need, simply go through the lesson with a high lighter marking the parts that you want to talk about in your class. If you have children in your class, take this link to our Christian Fun, Games, and Activities page where you will find topic related games and activities to add to your lesson. We also have Visual Aids: God's Creatures Great and Small and Miscellaneous Christian Visual Aids.

      Everything listed here is free, and can be printed out. First click on the lesson or story you want, then click on your browser PRINT button near the top of your screen. If you wish to load these materials into your computer in stead of just printing them out. Using your mouse, high light the materials that you want to copy into your computer. Then hit both the " CONTROL" (Ctrl) and "C" buttons at the same time. Open your word processor program and paste your materials into it. Save the word processing document that you just created.

Who is Jesus: 39 verses, Available in these versions:
     King James Version (KJV),
     New International Version (NIV),
     English Standard Version (ESV),

Repent, Repenting and Repentance: 37 verses, Available in these versions:
     King James Version (KJV),
     Amplified Version (AMP),
     New International Version (NIV),
     English Standard Version (ESV),

Materials for Witnessing: This section contains witnessing crib sheets, and various techniques that are used for witnessing.
     Salvation-Witnessing Crib Sheets, 18 verses:
          King James Version (KJV)
          English Standard Version (ESV)

     The Roman Road: witnessing technique, large print
          King James Version (KJV),
          Amplified Version (AMP),
          New International Version (NIV),
          English Standard Version (ESV),

     The Wordless Puzzle:
          Videos and Information

     Salvation messages for those who:
          1. wonder "why do we need salvation?"

          2. need a real spiritual surprise!

      3. do not operate in Agape Love: (select a version below)
                Agape Love, ESV Version
                Agape Love, KJV Version
                Agape Love, NIV Version

      4. need to know that God Loves them!
      5. are Disobedient and Unruly!

The Tribulation Survival Kit, It starts by teaching the basics of how to study the Bible and ends with a no nonsense salvation message. Topics covered: 1)Herm for Short. (Hermaneutics), 2)The Means, 3)Filling the Survival Kit, 4) The Glue

Agape Love: the opposite of sin Available in these versions:
                King James Version (KJV)
                New International Version (NIV)
                English Standard Version (ESV)
     A long and very complete lesson on Love. The topics covered are: 1) AGAPE LOVE: the opposite of sin, 2) God's interactive love, 3) Love and Corruption, 4) Love and Prayer, 5) Love is knowing God loves you., 6) Faith works or is powered by this anointing of Agape Love, 7) Love and Salvation. 0

God for Me: God is on my side, This lesson gives us a long list of great verses that strengthen us and draw us closer to Christ. God does want us to be healthy and successful, about 7 pages long.0

Information for new Christians, Now that you are saved, what do you do now? A detailed look at what's next.
                English Standard Version (ESV),

A.E.I.O.U., There is a real difference between how a secular person views the vows of life, and how Christians views the vows of life. Christians view life as a vow to God and from God.

Angels watchin' over me, A brief look at angels and the things they do.

Yes, you will go to heaven if you are saved, but have not been baptized in water, and have not received the baptism of the Holy Ghost?, A lesson that explains why salvation is all you need. This lesson also discusses John 3: 3 - 7 and Acts 2: 37 - 43.

The controlling of evil spirits This is a beginners lesson on the controlling of evil spirits by the authority and with the wisdom of God. When it comes to evil spirits, bad information is worse then no information. This is all of the basic information a Christian needs to know. about 14 pages long.

The Bright and Morning Star,

Start your day with Jesus and He will be your Bright and Morning Star all day.

Confession, A lesson on confessing Gods Word. The words that come out of our mouths can produce victory or disaster. This lesson explains how we should use the words that we say. click here for the long list of Confession verses that cover many topics.

The Covenant, A lesson on the covenant that God has given us.

Deadly Disobedience, Disobedience is spiritually Deadly for children that disobey their parents and for adults that disobey God.

The Double minded person, You can not enjoy the things of the world and the things of God. God will reject all Double minded people.

About Easter, Easter is all about Jesus.

John 15: 1-16, The Vine and Branches. This lesson covers some of the duties of Jesus and the Father. It also talks about the requirements God places on believers and the benefits of doing those requirements.

The Laying on of Hands, is a in depth study of the Laying on of Hands in the Old and New Testament.

Healing God' way, God loves you and wants you healthy. He has created 3 ways for you to stay healthy: Natural body healing, Doctors, and divine healing directly from God. Someone who has gone through that much trouble to keep you healthy really cares about you.

Ephesians 5-6, The soldier of God wearing the armor of God, A verse by verse look at God's instructions on how to raise kids and how to prepare them for adulthood.

Faith to receive in Jesus' Name, If you are having trouble getting your prayers answered, you might get some help here.

God will show you the path of Life,           This lesson covers many topics, these are a few:
          God is our source of life.
          God shows me how to stay on the path.
          God shows me the correct attitude of life.
          But the life of Christ is only for Christians.
          How do you get saved?

Husbands and wives in Christ, Everything works better if everyone knows their responsibilities and does them.

The three faces of Mark 4:
- Jesus uses three different parables to explain the kingdom of God in Mark 4.
- Jesus teaches the three principles needed to understand all parables in Mark 4
1. Jesus, His life, death and resurrection, and how that all relates to witnessing and sharing God's Word.
2. Understanding the five attacks and distractions that come from Satan and that Jesus defeated him, and Jesus has given that authority to all of His believers.
3. The Law of Seed, Plant, Harvest which some call the Law of Genesis in the Old Testament. These two laws are the same thing.
- Jesus teaches that these same three principles explain how the entire kingdom of God works.

Who made you judge? Before we pick on everyone else we need to take a good look at ourselves.

Righteousness, An extensive lesson on who we are in Christ. This is very important information for people who want to build up their Faith. Topics covered are: Introduction, A.) The likeness of God, B.) Life in the family of God, C.) Stopping the attack, D.) God never taught that His Word was void of Power.

Your whole household shall be saved. God does want your family saved!

The Straight and Narrow Path (Adult version), There will be no sin in heaven because the narrow path that we walk will not let sinners pass. The same as the Children's version of this lesson only without the activities.

The Straight and Narrow Path (children's version with maze puzzle), There will be no sin in heaven because the narrow path that we walk will not let sinners pass. The same as the Adult version of this lesson with some activities.

The power of the Tongue, Learn to control your tongue and you can control the powers of life and death.

Pray for wisdom, knowledge, understanding, and strength. If you have kids, you need to read this.

Bible based general information

Should Christians Vote

Should Christians Participate in the March for Jesus

This is a set of information sheets that list the requirements for holding the offices of Elder/bishop and deacon.

The Quick reference,
      is a 6 page list of Bible topics and some of the scriptures that relate to those topics. Print it out, and keep it handy.

The implied or symbolic meaning of numbers in the Bible,
This is just some interesting general information.

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