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     This is a free list of costuming resources for your Christian plays and skits. We cannot recommend any of these companies because we have never done business with any of them. So, buyer beware. I will tell you that these companies sell all kinds of patterns, already made costumes, props, and the like. There should be sufficient resources here to completely equip any show, play, or movie you can think of.

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  • 1. The Whole Costumer's Catalogue is a catalogue full of costume suppliers. Many of the companies listed below are in this catalogue, and many many many more. Check your local library to see if they have, or can get this catalogue. This catalogue contains info on every aspect of costuming, patterns, props, and more.
    The Whole Costumer's Catalogue is printed by
         CBTB Press
         Box 207, Main Street
         Beallsvile, Pa. 15313-0207

    2. Make Believe by Klutz Press, If you are looking for really cheap costume ideas
        for kids, this book has some great ones. Designed around back yard plays and
        the like, it does not have any costumes for Israel at the time of Christ, but it 
        does have some great ideas for more modern costumes. I really liked stringing
        the gummy bears together to make a necklace, and cutting up a large clear
        plastic soda bottle to make a princess crown.

    3. Vintage Sewing Patterns by Harper House
         P.O. Box 39, Dept THFM-9
         Williamstown, Pa.. 17098
         Phone 1-888-89DRAMA, Fax 717-647-2480,

    4. Folkwear
         67 Broadway
         Asheville, N.C. 28801
         Phone 1-800-284-3388

    5. Farthingales
         309 Lorne Ave. East RR#3
         Stratford, Ont. N5A 6S4, Phone 519-275-2374, fax 1-519-275-2376

    6. Legendary Arms (All kind of weapons)
         P.O. Box 20198
         Greeley Square Station
         New York, NY 10001-9992
         (212) 532-9055

    7. Raiments (patterns)
         P.O. Box 93095
         Pasadena, Ca. 91109
         (819) 797-2723, Fax (818) 791-9434

    8. Frankel's Costume Co., (patterns, and much more)
         2801 Polk
         Houston, TX. 77003

    9. Past Patterns
         P.O. Box 7587-WCC
         Grand Rapids, Mi 49507
         (616) 245-9456

    10. Atira's Fashions, (middle-eastern pattern)
         3935 South 113th
         Seattle, Wa. 98168


    1. Costume Society of America
        55 Edgewater Drive
        P.O.Box 73
        Earlevile, MD. 21919
        (301) 275-2329

    2. The Creative Costumers's Guild
       412-4 Lisa Street
       Brampton, Ontario, Canada L6T 4B6

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