Warped Drive

A fun space adventure
     This script is written in a very loose manner, so please feel free to change this script to fit your situation. Fore instance, none of the characters have to be a boy or a girl, so make the characters fit the kids you have available. When we did this movie, we did it as a neighborhood activity, but it should work well just about anywhere. All of our actors varied in age from about 4 to 12 years old. They had a great time making this movie and have talked about it for years. The entire finished movie will run about 5 minutes long, but allow 8 hours to shoot it (which is about normal for movie making). This movie is a comedy that is full of silly gags.
     I understand that some people like guns and some do not. This movie can be made either way. If you like guns and blasting things, you can put it in anywhere you wish. If you do not like guns and violence, you can have the aliens capture the Earthling and use them to do the work. In either case, there is less hostility in this movie then there is in most cartoons. The alien, bad guys, try to be mean but come off as being silly and stupid. Whatever you do, do not take is project seriously and do not get in a hurry! Have Fun! Wing it, that's what we did. When you are done, invite the kids to church.

Talking parts:
1. News Reporter
2. Alien General (Just make a funny noise for his/her name): The leader of the attack against Earth.
3. Aid, is the alien General's aid, (make a different funny noise for the aid's name): He helps the General.
4. Alien #1
5. Alien #2
6. Crewman #1
7. Crewman #2
8. Earthling #1
9. Earthling #2
10. A Space Patrol officer
11. A Space Patrol Ship's Captain
12. Voices (only): 1) Space Patrol Command Center
                              2) Space News Agency

Non talking parts:
Everyone else is an Earthling, or is in the alien army, or is in the Space Patrol. You just fill non talking people into each group, as many as you want.

A few Notes and Suggestions:
     Have fun!!!!!!!!, Don't take this seriously!! Improvise, use whatever is handy, or whatever you can borrow. Don't spend a lot of money. Allow a full eight hours to shoot this movie, you can probably do it in less, but don't get in a hurry. And don't haul your crew all over town trying to get the perfect shot at just the right time of day. Do the whole movie in two or three adjacent yards, and a few shots inside someone's house were you have the alien space ship's bridge set up. We did not get the kids together for practice ahead of time, because you could never find a time when all of them were available. We simply told all of the kids in the neighborhood that we where going to make a space adventure movie on a certain day and anyone that wanted to be in it should be there. The parents where invited to come down and help. We also told the kids to think about which parts they wanted, some kids want to talk, and some don't. Scripts were given, a head of time, to the few kids that did want talking parts, so they could practice on their own. On the day we shot the movie, everyone practiced for a few minutes just before we shot each scene. We winged a lot of it. Each scene is short and simple. Because you have some what long periods while they are practicing, went the camcorder is not being used, learn to shoot a short tail on the end of each shot. This will allow you to turn the camera off when it is not being used, and you can still back up on to the tail of the last shot to start shooting the next shot. For lunch we blasted some hot dogs in the microwave, paper plates, lemon aid / Cool Aid. For backgrounds and to hide stuff that we did not want in the shot, we got some large cardboard boxes from the trash at an appliance store.
     Video editing is important. Before you start on any moviemaking project, ensure that you understand what your skills are and the capabilities of your equipment. The kids really wanted to see the movie as soon as we were done shooting. They were thrilled with the rough movie, and actually ours never did get edited.
Scene two calls for the people in two space ships to talk to each other. To make the background for this shot, take some large pieces of cardboard and paint them black, add some small holes for stars. We shot this scene in broad daylight, no one noticed. Park two cars, side by side, in front of the black cardboard. Use only close up shots of the people in the cars. Do not show the entire car or the edge of the background.
Scene five calls for a shot inside the alien ship so we used large pieces of cardboard and set them around my rec. room to hide some of my stuff. I cut a hole in one box at the correct height so that I could put it in front of my stereo cabinet and the TV would still show through. I played a space movie on it. We then put the chairs for the General and the crew in front of the TV.

     Don't make a big deal out of the costumes. We costumed the entire cast of this movie in 20 minutes for about $15.00 (in 1991). You first have to decide that it will take too long, and be too expensive to make costumes for 20-30 kids. SO, what do you do? You use the kids in what ever they show up in, with a few noticeable touches that make the important characters stand out.
     For starters, all of the Earthlings don't have to have special costumes. They are fine in whatever they are wearing when they show up. As for the Aliens and the Space Patrol, we made quick and simple hats and vests out of 260 balloons (These are the long thin balloons that are used by clowns to make animals. We are clowns you know!). We made one style for the aliens and a different style for the Space Patrol. The General and his/her aid got special really big wild looking hats. (CAUTION: be sure that all of the kids know that they are not to put any balloons directly over their ears! If the balloon breaks the exploding air could go directly into the ear hole and hurt their ears) Find a clown and tell them what you want to do. I'm sure they will be glad to show you how to make what you want out of balloons, and where to get the balloons. But whatever you use for costumes, don't spend a bunch of money. You will never be sure which kids and how many will actually show up on the day you shoot the movie.

The Script:
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - SCENE # 1 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Location: The scene opens on a normal day in your neighborhood. Show people doing normal things like playing catch, sweeping the step, working on a car, etc. Then suddenly, an Earthling runs across the yard. They are being chased by aliens from outer space. The aliens are capturing people and asking questions.

Alien #1 captures Earthling #1 and says: "Take me to your leader."

Earthling #1 (yells across the yard to the other neighbors): "Run for your life the aliens are attacking."

People and aliens are running everywhere. (After showing all of the action, pan the shot to a close up of General (Funny Noise))

General (funny noise): "Snarl . . . Growl, There's nothing as good as a good invasion. Snarl . . Growl". The general turns to walk away and trips over something, falling down.

All of the alien troops standing near him yell, "General (Funny noise) let me help you up again." The aliens help General (Funny noise) to his/her feet.

General (Funny noise) looks around: "Remember people, we are here to conquer this planet. We must find out what kind of food they eat. Interrogate every Earthling so we can find out where they store their food. Without food, they must surrender! Snarl . . Growl"

Pan to the background where an alien is interrogating an Earthling.

Alien #2: "OK Earthling, tell us what we want to know or I will make you eat this disgusting round thing (a donut)".

Earthling #2 (with a little smile): "Never, I will never tell you where the food is no matter how many donuts you make me eat."

Alien #2: " You will talk or eat." The Alien puts the donut into the Earthlings mouth (Do not mash it into the Earthlings mouth, put it in nicely.) "Now talk or I will make you eat more."

Earthling #2 (with a little smile): "Never, not even if you make me drink milk with the donut!"

Alien #2: "So you don't like milk. Well, I will see to it that you get plenty of milk. Now, what is milk?"

Camera fades to black.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - SCENE # 2 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Location: Mean while out in space, two space ships sit side by side. The news reporter, sitting in one space ship, is alerted to the story by a radio alert. The space patrol, in the other space ship, has no clue.

News agency: "ALERT all reporters, ALERT! This is the Space News Agency. We have received information that Earth is under attack by aliens, get any information that you can and report back."

Reporter: "Boy, what a story! If I hurry, I can scoop everyone." The reporter looks over at the Space Patrol ship. "I bet they can tell me all about it." The reporter picks up a microphone. "This is the Space News Agency calling the Space Patrol."

A Space Patrol officer reaches down and picks up a microphone: "Space Patrol here, go ahead Space News Agency."

Reporter: "We hear that Earth has been attacked by aliens. What can you tell us about the attack? What is the Space Patrol doing to defend Earth?
(You may wish to move the Reporters car/ship out of the way at this point, so you have more working room around the Space Patrol Ship.)

Space Patrol Officer: "We never hear anything! What is going on?"

Space Patrol Command Center: "This is the Space Patrol Command Center, Earth is under attack. All Space Patrol ships are ordered to meet at space coordinate L5 immediately!"

Space Patrol, Ship's Captain: "Lay in a course to L5 and Go to Warped Drive immediately!"

Space Patrol Officer: "Oh no not Warped Drive! All kinds of crazy things happen in Warped Drive!"

Space Patrol, Ship's Captain: "We have no choice. We must help Earth. Go to Warped Drive!

The Space Patrol Officer reaches down and turns a few knob and switches. A strange noise and a flash of light, suddenly all of the Space Patrol people have turned into puppets.

Space Patrol Officer: "Something like this happens every time we go to Warped Drive."

Camera fades to black.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - SCENE # 3 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Location: Back on Earth the aliens are still attacking people. The Alien General is looking at a map as his Aid arrives with a message, "General (funny noise)". The Aid tries several times to give the message to the General but he is so wrapped up in reading the map that he doesn't hear his Aid.

The Aid tries to get his attention again. "General (funny noise)", but the General doesn't notice him. The Aid waves to all of the alien soldiers, "OK guys, you have to help me again. All together now." Everyone yells, "General (funny noise)". The General suddenly notices everyone standing around him.

General (Funny noise): "Yes Captain (a different funny noise) what do you want?"

Aid: "Sir the long range detectors have spotted a Space Patrol Ship approaching Earth. We need to find their main food factory soon."

General (Funny noise): "I have just found it right here on this map. It's the pop corn factory on the other side of town."

Aid: "But General (Funny Noise), are you sure that popcorn is their main food?"

General (Funny noise): "Sure it is! Look at this newspaper. They sell popcorn at the movies, and at the circus. This way men." And the General leads his soldiers down the street. People throw things at the aliens (soft things) and the General slips on a banana peel, but they keep moving toward the popcorn factory.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - SCENE # 4 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Location: This scene takes place at the popcorn factory. Which was really the little shed in the corner of my yard where I keep my lawn mower. I put a sign on it "Popcorn Factory", that made it official.

General (Funny noise): "Ok men, we have found the popcorn factory, Attack"
The aliens attack the popcorn factory. Ok men, load all of the pop corn into our space ship. The alien soldiers or earthlings start carrying the bags of popcorn out of the factory. (They carried big grocery bags full of something out of the factory. You never show inside the bags. Real bags of popcorn seeds would be too heavy for most kids to carry. So you put anything that is light into the bags to make them look like they are full. They are taking the popcorn to their space ship but you never see the ship. You just see aliens/Earthlings come out of the factory with bags. I guess that you could edit in a shot of a toy space ship.)

Aid: A message is given to General (Funny noise). "General (Funny noise) a message from our space ships in orbit around Earth."

The General reads the message: "The Space Patrol is attacking our ships. We must leave now! Everyone into the ship. (Everyone runs away from the factory like they were running to a space ship, but you never see the ship.)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - SCENE # 5 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Location: Inside the alien space ship's bridge with the sounds of lots of explosions in the background.

General (Funny noise) looks around and yells: "lets get out of here!" You can hear the engines (the camera shakes a little).

Crewman #1 yells: "General, we have taken off . . . the outside of the ship is getting too hot!"

Crewman #2 yells: "General, the popcorn that we took from the factory is getting so hot that it is starting to pop." (You can here the popcorn popping. Starting just in front of the camera and just below it start lifting a big tray of popped popcorn, as the tray comes up it will look like the popcorn is filling the ship). The General and his crew start to yell, "O' NO, the popcorn is filling the ship."

(Fade to black)

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - The End - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Notes from the author: This script was written and distributed by: on the Internet at https://applesaucekids.com or we can be E-mailed at aplsauce@applesaucekids.com.
     Please feel free to use this script: copy, teach, translate into other languages, place on the Internet and electronic Bulletin Boards, and distribute for non profit personal ministry reasons, as often as you wish. Yes, you can copy this script and use it on your web site, but please leave these "Notes from the author" with the script. Freely you have received this script, and freely you should give it to someone else. (Written 8/17/1991)