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      This is a very long page. Why have I put all of these art forms on one huge page? Because the same conventions, and suppliers cover all of these art forms. You may wish to use the links listed below to help you get around this page.
     You will find a large list of conventions and suppliers on this page. Conventions are a great place to get training from someone that really knows what they're doing, and is more then willing to share their knowledge and experience with you. Please understand that this is only a sampling of the conventions and suppliers that are on the East coast. Contact your local clown or magic club to get more information about what is going on in your area.
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      Click here and you will get a list of questions that you should ask when hiring a performer, and questions they will ask you. This list can be printed out like a form for your convenience.

These links will help you get around this page

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This is the beginning of the Clowning information
About Christian Clowning and other types of Clowning. 
Clowning is the only form of acting, that I know of, in which there is almost no difference between how Christian performers and secular performers act in public. Both kinds of Clowns are some of the most big hearted, truly nice people on the planet. I would guess that better than 25% of all real clowns are Christians. The general rules of clown conduct require you to be an exceptionally nice person, clean and polite. You just do not see nasty, real clowns. Very few clowns smoke, and none smoke while clowning. To find your local clown club try: 1. looking in the phone book for clowns, or look under magicians (If you can find a magician, he can tell you where to find the clowns.) 2. Check with your local theater arts supplier, or party supplies company. 
If you have any interest in Clowning at all, I highly recommend going to a clown convention. Clowns are very willing to share anything they know. They love to have GOOD CLEAN FUN, and you have not lived until you have seen a hotel that has been overrun with three or four hundred clowns! Go expecting to have a good time! You do not have to be an experienced clown. You do not need to have a costume. In fact most of the people that go to clown conventions never put on their costumes. There are classes and people that you can talk to about every part of clowning, including: makeup, puppets, face painting, skits, costumes, ventriloquism, magic, balloons, and much more! Conventions are also a great place to buy all kinds of clown stuff, there are lots of clown stuff vendors. Below are listed a few of the conventions that are held on the east coast. There are so many conventions that I can't list them all. They are all over the country. To find out about clown conventions in your area contact your local clown club. I can tell you that even the worst convention that I have been to was very good, and the best was outstanding!!! If at all possible, you want to stay in the same hotel with the convention. Register and make your reservations as soon as you find out about a convention, because they fill up fast! 

    The Cross and the Clown (Brand new mag.) P.O. Box 8, Madison, Ga. 30650. Phone 1-706-557-9821. On the Internet at: www.clowning4christ.com. With Staff writers like : Tony Jones, J.T. (Bubba) Sikes, Duane Laflin, and many more!!! This is a great Magazine that is full of good info and years of experience!!

Clown Conventions

1227 Manchester Avenue
Norfolk, VA 23508
Phone: 757-423-3867

Circus Magic Productions does several clown conventions a year. They have "Circus Magic"held February in the Williamsburg, Va. area, They also have an Arts In Ministry Convention and others. See their web page for details. All of these conventions are loaded with Christian stuff. I can easily recommend anything these people do.  +++ Outstanding Conventions +++. 

They also do the Clown Jam
in Branson, MO July 10-14, 2013


Mid-Atlantic Clown Association's Annual Convention

For detailed information take this link to their page.


This is a very big convention that is held in September. It has been move from Seaside Heights, NJ For detailed information take this link to their page.


Colonial Clown Convention 
For detailed information take this link to their page.

TNT for Jesus
And the Christian Clown Retreat
for information go to their Web site: www.clowning4christ.com

This is the beginning of the Clown Suppliers information

The Clown Car Auto Mall

Click here to enter That’s right, you’ve all been looking for it! Transportation for the distinctive traveler! A selection of the most unique vehicles on the planet. And we promise, more to come! If you’re looking for some new wheels and you want to be the talk of the neighborhood, this is the place to look!

Graham Cracker & J.A.M. Productions  
c/o Gary & Ann Gramlick  
4245 60th Court  
Vero Beach, FL 32967  
In addition to speaking and performing at: Concert, Conventions, School, Churches, Seminars available in Children's Ministry, Clowning, Puppetry, Magic, Curriculum. They sell a wide variety of clowning related supplies.   

Spear Shoes 
12 Orlando Street  
Springfield, Ma. 01108-2412  
The makers of top quality professional clown shoes. You know, the BIG shoes.  
Phone 1-413-739-5693 or evenings 1-413-732-7184   

The Clown-so-Port Shoe Company
The Foot-So-Port Shoe Company
405 Forest St.
P.O.Box 247
Oconomowoc, Wisconsin 53066, Phone (414) 567-4416, or Fax (414) 567-5323

Peachey Keene Props
Box 159
Beallsville, Pa. 15313
The makers of outstanding Clown props. They also have clown conventions.
Phone 1-724-632-5447, web site: Peachey Keene Props or E-mail: peacheyk@bentcom.net

Clown Supplies, Inc. 
Rte. 101 Ste C-7
Brentwood, NH, 03833
Phone, or fax (603) 679-3311 , E-mail: cheezo@clownsupplies.com  
They also have a shopping cart, and a Web Catalog with all kinds of  
clown supplies. 

Randy Christensen
c/o W.A.G.
3821 Abbott Drive
Willmar MN. 56201
Phone (320) 235-2529, He has some excellent gospel clown material.

The Pricilla Mooseburger Home Page  
This is where you find Pricilla Mooseburger Originals  
Box 700  
Maple Lake, MN. 55358  
Phone (612) 963-6277, also (800) 973-6277, truly professional and beautiful Clown Costumes, also has conventions.   

Bubba's Clown Supplies, Inc.  
P.O. Box 2939  
Orange Park, Fl. 32067-2939  
Phone: (904) 272-5878, All kinds of clown supplies, magic, and great back ground music. Also clown video tapes. No joke Bubba is not only a great clown supplier, but is also a great comedian, and clown. Hirer him!  
SPECIAL NOTE: Albert the Stickerman is retiring and has sold his business to Bubba.   

3847 Rosehaven Dr.  
Charlotte, N.C. 28205  
Phone 1-800-473-3425, Clown supplies, and magic   

Cherri-Oats and Company  
P.O. Box 367  
Destrehan, La. 70047  
Phone: (504) 764-0080, Wigs, stickers, and accessories.   

Mama Clown                                           Face Paints and Clown Supplies  
Silly Farm Products  
2117 Hollywood Blvd.  
Hollywood, FL. 33020  
phone (954) 923-6013, fax: (954) 923-4816  
E-mail at mamaclown2@aol.com   

Costumes by Betty 
P.O. Box 8
Madison, GA. 30650
Phone: 1-706-557-9821, Great clown costumes.

Clown Antics
38510 Warren Road
Westland, Michigan 48185-1934
(734) 454-6625
sells: face paints, makeup, balloons, magic, juggling supplies (even unicycles), noses, books, wigs, sound systems and a lot more.

Tom King (National Clown Registry for C.O.A.I.)  
704 Bona Vista Pl.  
Charleston, WV. 25311  
Phone: (304) 342-6408  
Lake Wood Clown and Magic Shop, Washington State

This is the beginning of the Illusionist Information

Matt Fore

P.O. Box 5071

Johnson City Tn. 37602

Phone (423) 926-7683


Matt is a humorist, entertainer, speaker, and sleight of hand artist extraordinaire, a real attention getter. An empowering experience wrapped in hilarious laughter!


This is the beginning of the information on Toy Suppliers

425 Sha Lane 
Spartanburg, S.C. 29304, 864-583-2405 x-212, Fax 864-585-3958,  
You can also contact Shari Waters at shariw@carol.net, all kinds of stickers 

Badges Unlimited 2 
2137 Gammma Ct. 
Orange Park, Fl. 32073 
Phone: (904) 269-2779, All kinds of badges for just about anything.