Music Posting Permission Form

     This form is a permission slip to allow Apple Sauce Kids to post materials free of charge on its website. Apple Sauce Kids receives no payment for materials submitted to its web site and pays no royalties or fees. Do not submit any materials if you are not the legal owner. It is understood by Apple Sauce Kids and the submitter that all of the rights to any intellectual property submitted for placement on this web site belongs to the submitter. Materials submitted will be placed on the internet for usage by the general public and that Apple Sauce Kids has no control over how submissions will be used by the general public. All efforts on the part of Apple Sauce Kids will be in good faith to maintain correct acknowledgement of the submitter. If at any future date a submitter wants their materials removed it will be so done upon written notification, but Apple Sauce Kids cannot assume responsibility for any materials down loaded prior to such notification. Apple Sauce Kids reserves the right to accept or decline materials submitted and further agrees not to change or edit materials submitted without prior agreement of the submitter. All submitted materials should contain the creators/performers contact information in the multi media players credit lines. Simply copy this form, fill it out, (paste it into an E-mail) and E-mail it back to Apple Sauce Kids with your materials. We are more then happy to provide a link to the submitter's site. The submitter is free to sell their music and anything else they wish to sell on their web site. We understand and acknowledge that submitters may be looking for professional exposure. This link will be removed if we find that the site is not family friendly.

Apple Sauce Kids, 396 Banning Road, Camden DE. 19934.

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