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The Flesh and the Spirit

Special Equipment: A small toy person (a small doll or army man, etc.) with no sharp edges
A round balloon, do not blow the balloon up full.

How to do the balloon trick: Blow some air into a round balloon until it is about twice the size of the toy person. Be sure not to blow it up full. Tie the nozzle. This takes a little practice so do not do this cool in you class. Take the toy person and push it into the balloon, at the nozzle, until the balloon completely covers the toy. Hold the balloon just below the toy pinching off all air. By working through the side of the balloon, break the toy loose so that it can bounce around in the balloon.

What to say and how to say it: Who are we and how are we made? We are the children of God. When we get saved our spirits, the real us that lives inside of these bodies, are recreated in the likeness of God. But our flesh, the outside of our being is still the same. There is a constant battle between the flesh and the spirit. Our flesh still has all of its old habits. It still wants to do the things that it used to do. Our spirits now want to do the good things that God wants us to do. It seems so hard to do what God wants us to do when the flesh is so strong. It is kind of like this toy person (show everyone the toy person).

(Blow some air into the balloon. DO NOT BLOW IT ALL OF THE WAY UP! It should be about twice the size of the toy person. Push the toy person into the balloon at the nozzle as described above and hold the balloon below the toy so that the toy is completely up inside of the balloon. Break the toy loose inside the balloon without breaking the outside of the balloon. The balloon should still be inflated. Show the toy person bouncing around inside the balloon.)

If you do not feed your spirit the Word of God it will be small and weak inside of your flesh just like this toy person inside this balloon. It's not big enough to control the balloon. The balloon controls it, and your flesh will control your life, Galatians 4: 8-9. (Let all of the air out of the balloon so that the balloon deflates and forms itself around the toy person.) If you feed yourself the Word of God spending more time with God and less time with your flesh. The power of your flesh will shrink and conform to your spirit and your spirit will rule your life.

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Other useful verses: Romans 12:1-2, Romans 13:1-4

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