God Protects Us

Show various protective objects like a thimble, ear plugs, rubber gloves, eyeglass guards, knee pads,...  Ask what they are and what they're used for.  Yes, they're all used to help protect parts of you.  Now, here's a question for you--Is there anything out there to protect your mind and your heart?  That is your thoughts ideas and your feelings?  (or spirit and soul)  It's hard to protect your mind/spirit because lots of the TV shows, movies, songs, books, magazines,  even people around us try to make us think wrong thoughts.  It's hard to protect our heart/soul because people hurt our feelings make us feel bad.  You'll never be successful at guarding your heart mind unless you first have invited Jesus into you heart realize God is the source of all truth righteousness. And then begin to read His word and obey Him.  What God commands us to do is for our protection because He loves us. 

(Special Thanks to Carolee Radline for this great lesson)