The Peoples Trial

A public domain puppet script by Lori and Karl Thrash, 12/13/1998


Aim of Presentation: Is for children to realize that there is a spiritual battle going on. Being a Christian does make a difference in ones life. When an invitation is given we will have to make a decision on where we will spend eternity.

Age Appropriate: 11 to 14 years old

Bible Text: Romans 6:23 - "For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord."

Introduction: The show takes place in a courtroom, Judge Tutti presiding. The plaintiff, Mr. Sinnick is upset about his new Christian neighbor, Mrs. Wiseman the defendant, spreading the word of God in his neighborhood.

What happens when a Christian is on trial for his faith? Lets find out when we listen in on "The Peoples Trial."

(After intro MUG and Mr. Sinnick enter)

MUG: This is our plaintiff, Mr. Kurt Sinnick. He's a loving husband and busy workingman who is active in his community. Mr. Sinnick and his family have lived in the house at 715 Crosscourt Lane for 13 years, and during that time have led a quiet life in a quiet neighborhood. That all changed he says, when THIS woman (Mrs. Wiseman enters) and her family moved in next door. This is the defendant Danielle Wiseman, who calls herself a "Christian." Mrs. Wiseman and her family moved into the house at 717 Crosscourt Lane a year ago, and since then, says Mr. Sinnick, the neighborhood hasn't been the same. Mrs. Wiseman has been accused of violating privacy and disturbing the peace. Welcome everyone, to another session of The People's Trial. I'm your host, MUG Newmelon, and today you're going to hear "The Case of the Newborn Neighborhood." Judge Tutti is entering the courtroom now, so let's listen in.

Rusty: (enters) All rise, Judge Tutti's court is now is session.

JUDGE: (Enters) You may be seated. I have read both your statements and you have been sworn. In your words sir, could you tell me what happened when the defendant and her family moved into the house next door?

SNNJCK: The name's Sinnick, S-I-N-N-I-C-K, and at first they seemed to be a nice, normal family, your Honor, just like the rest of us. When they moved in, Emily and I took over a nice cold pasta dish and some wine spritzers to break the ice and also to give them the once over, if you know what I mean.

JUDGE: No, I don't know what you mean, sir.

SINNICK: Well, you can never be too careful these days. I mean, just the hint of the WRONG kind of family in the neighborhood and property values start dropping like flies!

JUDGE: Get to the point Mr. Sinnick.

SINNICK: The point, your Honor, is that this woman and her family have wreaked havoc in what was a very proper neighborhood.

JUDGE: How so?

SNNICK: By brainwashing everyone on the street! I should have known something was wrong when they said they didn't drink!

JUDGE Excuse me sir, brainwashing!

SINNICK: It's true! Mr. and Mrs. Wiseman systematically went around and met every family on the street, trying to look friendly, I suppose. They even started taking meals to that depressing old Mrs. Leland, who can't even get out of bed! Who do they think they are?

JUDGE: What exactly were your intentions, Mrs. Wiseman?

WISEMAN: Just trying to be neighborly, your Honor. My husband and I enjoy making new friends and as for Mrs. Leland, she's invited us over a number of times. She's a wonderful person.

SINNICK: I wouldn't know much about that, your Honor but I DO know that the Wiseman's were just being friendly to cover up their propaganda campaign!

JUDGE: Propaganda, Mr. Sinnick?

SLNNICK: They called it a "Bible Study;" a few so-called "friends" would come over and supposedly read the Bible. At first, everyone in the Homeowner's Association, of which I am chairman, thought it was a quaint little touch, but then she started inviting the entire block to join them!

JUDGE: Do you have any proof of this propaganda, sir?

SINNICK: Well, not exactly your Honor, but what else could it have been? I mean, can you actually imagine people sitting around and studying the Bible?! It's just not done!

JUDGE: I see,. In your eyes, what has Mrs. Wiseman done to merit these charges?

SINNICK: Well, this "Bible Study" kept growing. I suppose you have to expect the naive and the curious to show up and see what it's all about. Problem is, they kept coming back! And they started telling their friends, who... who told their friends, and so on and so on. Pretty soon, I couldn't find a parking space on my own street! To make matters worse, one night someone over there backed into my flowerbed and destroyed my azaleas!

JUDGE Is this true, Mrs. Wiseman?

WISEMAN: Yes it is, your Honor. I was very sorry about the flowerbed. You see, a friend had just accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savoir; and he was so overjoyed and anxious to get home that he just backed right up without looking! I did apologize to Kurt and offered to have it repaired, but he refused.

JUDGE: Why did you refuse, sir?

SINNICK: It's the principle of the thing, your Honor! The whole neighborhood routine has been disrupted! This is just one example!

JUDGE: I see.

SINNICK: People are walking around with these ridiculous smiles on their faces. When you ask them why, they start gushing this religious nonsense about being born again! It's like they're a different person! It's not healthy!

JUDGE What's going on in these meetings, Mrs. Wiseman?

WISEMAN: Well, there's prayer, and singing, and Bible study, but most importantly your Honor, people are accepting Christ as their Savior! People are going to act differently, ma'ma when you meet Jesus Christ; it changes your entire life!

JUDGE: How do you mean?

WISEMAN. Your Honor, (look at audience) as the Bible says in Romans 3:23, "All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God." And all of us start out separated from God by sin. God sent his only son Jesus to save the world by dying on a cross. Through his death Jesus paid the price for all our sins, so that we might have eternal life!

JUDGE: Calm down, Mrs. Wiseman. This is a courtroom, not a church.

WISEMAN: Yes, your Honor. Ughh, when you realize you're a sinner and confess your sins, Jesus makes you whole again! That's exciting! You're a brand new person in Christ! No wonder people are changing! They're getting a whole new reason to live!

SINNICK: Mumbo jumbo, hocus-pocus! What proof do you have that these people are really any different than they were before?

WISEMAN: You said it yourself. People are living differently then they were before! In Acts 2:21 it says, "Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved." If removing the weight of all the bad things in your life doesn't make you happy, I don't know will!

SINNICK: But, but, but, your Honor, this woman stole my children as well!

JUDGE. What's that? Kidnapping?!

SINNICK: Uhmmm, no, but he's indoctrinated them with all this nonsense! Why even now as we speak, my son is attending a Bible club in his backyard.

WISEMAN: I admit telling others about Jesus, your Honor He's something you just can't hide.

JUDGE: Well, I think I've heard enough. I'm going to make my ruling right now. I understand your feelings, Mr. Sinnick, but in light of the evidence presented, the burden of proof has not shown that the defendant has broken any laws of this land.

SINNICK: But, your Honor.

JUDGE: (Pounds gavel) Order in the court.

RUSTY: (Enters with coke and hotdog) Did someone order a Coke and hotdog?

JUDGE: (Look confused at Rusty Then turn to Mr. Sinnick) Now, wait a minute. You had your chance, give me mine. However, I do find Mrs. Wiseman's testimony quite compelling. By her own account she admits to taking an active part in this situation. Therefore, I have no choice but to find the defendant guilty of sharing Jesus Christ with others. Judgment for the plaintiff in the amount of repair costs for one flowerbed.

SINNICK: Really!

JUDGE: (Hits gavel) Oh, and Mrs. Wiseman.

WISEMAN: Yes, your Honor?

JUDGE: Perhaps you could see me in my chambers; I'd like to discuss this further.

WISEMAN: Yes, ma'am!

RUSTY: All rise.

(Judge, Rusty Exit)

MUG: (Enters) So there you have it. Let's get the reaction from our litigants as they leave the courtroom. (Sinnick walks over) Mr. Sinnick, you won the case, how do you feel?

SINNICK I am absolutely appalled that she let her off so easy! I mean, it's an insult to people everywhere for someone to tell you you're a sinner and less than perfect!

(Sinnick exit)

MUG: Well thank you, Kurt. Rusty has some papers for you to sign in the back. And now here's our defendant. Sad to say, Mrs. Wiseman, but you lost the case by your own testimony. If you'd just kept quiet, you would have won.

WISEMAN: Huh... Can't do that, MUG. In Romans 1:16 it states, "I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes." If living for Christ is a crime, then I choose to be guilty.(exit)

MUG: And that brings to a close another session of The People's Trial. This is MUG Newmelon reminding you that if you've got a problem, don't take it into your own hands ....

ALL: (Interrupts, do a popper) Take it to JESUS! (All exit)

Mr. Sinnick pleads his case. He accuses Mrs. Wiseman of being "friendly", wrecking havoc on the neighborhood and destroying property. She and her husband hold a bible study in their home trying to brain wash people and of kidnapping his own son.

Mrs. Wiseman speaks up. She explains what happens at the bible study, how your whole life can change for the better after accepting Jesus as your Savoir, about having the weight of sin removed from your life, and admits to telling people about Jesus.

Judge Tutti presiding, she must keep order in the courtroom. She is concerned about the kidnapping charges and the flowerbed damages; she also asks Mrs. Wiseman to tell her more about Jesus when the trial has ended. Could the Judge be concerned about her salvation?

Mug Newmelon, court reporter. She interviews both the plaintiff and the defendant after the trial. Mr. Sinnick is still very upset. Mrs. Wiseman found guilty by her own testimony, living her life for Christ.

Rusty, court bailiff. He is there helping to bring order to the court.

Conclusion: If you were on trial for your beliefs in Jesus Christ would you be found guilty? Today more than ever we need to take a stand for our faith and fight for the truth against all the Sinnicks in this world that we will have to face.

Closing Invitation/Prayer

If you were placed on trial for your Christianity would you be found guilty? There will be a day when you will be. A day when you will stand before a judge. But it won't be a time when you can argue your case. It will be the day when your sentence will be placed on you. The amount of time you will serve has already been determined. It will be eternity. You will be sentence to be in Heaven with God for eternity or in Hell separated from God for eternity. The choice is all yours. But that choice has to be made here now not at the time of judgment. You see the Bible tells us now is the time. The good news is the judge is a forgiving judge. No matter what you have done you can be forgiven. As a mater of fact the bible tells us in 1 John 1:9 "If we confess our sins He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and cleanse us from all unrighteous". Are you spending you life like Mr. Sinnick angry, upset at the world, thinking God is: Mumbo jumbo, hocus-pocus. Well I am here today to tell you that God loves you and wants a personal relationship with you. He wants to make you a brand new person in Christ! And give you whole new reason to live just like Mrs. Wiseman said. You can have this joy and love that only Jesus Christ can bring into your life. God laid out the plan in His word to us, the bible. He asks that we accept him as our personal Lord and savior. This means to let him take control of our life. Believe that he is the One and only Son of God who came to this earth to die on a cross and shed His blood for our sins. And that he was buried, raised from the dead on the third day, and is now in heaven with the Father, God. We need to confess our sins. Sin is anything we think, say or do that displeases God. Tell God you are sorry for those sins and ask him to forgive you. Lets pray, bow your heads please. If you have never asked Jesus to forgive you of your sins and want to have Jesus as in your heart, and would like to do so now all you need to do is pray this prayer with me. Dear Jesus, I know I am a sinner and I ask you now to forgive me of my sins. I ask that you will lead and direct my life. I ask you into my heart to be Lord over my life. Amen. If you have prayed this prayer please come tell one of the puppet team members so we can share the joy with you.