The Peek-A-Boo Charlie Signing Puppet Templates
We wish to give special thanks to Teresa Lee Linton for sharing this wonderful puppet idea and story. We also want to thank Laurel D. Austin for translating the story to American Sign Language (ASL). This puppet is not to be sold.

Dimensions have been added to the templates to ensure that the templates are the correct size when you down load them. Many factors can change the size of the templates during down loading and printing, be sure to check the dimension provided with what you are actually getting. You may have to load the templates, which are .jpg format, into an photo editor program to resize them.

A few helpful tips from Teresa
You might want to add a note that the eyeball is a black coat button and that the blue material and beak material needs to have some stretch to it (if it doesn't, the puppet won't line up right). I wish I knew what that kind of material was called.

I hope you are right about people enjoying it! It is my guess that whoever tries to make one will be frustrated the first time and after that have it down pat. It always needs a little bit of eyeballing, but as long as whoever makes it pins it together first, it will be ok. It always takes a bit of eyeballing.