The Peek-A-Boo Charlie Story, I have an imagining hat
     This story can be done with the bird and any kind of small hat (like a party hat). It makes a good first example for people and is an enjoyable story for small children. ASL has a different order than spoken English (thus the translation).
     The sign for "Peek-A-Boo Charlie" is the letter "P" sign using both hands, bring it down to cover the eyes like you're playing peekaboo, with expression of playing with a child.
     We wish to thank Laurel D. Austin for translating the story to American Sign Language (ASL) and Teresa Lee Linton for sharing this wonderful puppet idea and story.. This puppet is not to be sold.

These are the words in English (followed by the ASL)
    "I have an imagining hat"
      imagining hat have
    "When I wear it I can be anything!"
      (put hat on) become anything
    "Would you like to play?"
      play want you
    "Do you want to be.... a fish?"
      fish become want
    "You swim so well!"
      Good swim you
    "a car?"
    "You're very fast!"
      Fast you!
    "a cloud?"
    "You're floating!"
      Floating you!
    "An Elephant?"
    "You're so big!"
      Big you!
    "A monster?"
    "You scared me!"
      Scared you me!
    "A frog?"
    "You're hopping!"
      Hopping you!
    "A tree?"
    "You're very tall!"
      Tall you!
    "A Monkey?"
    "You're climbing!"
      Climbing you!
    "A star?"
    "You're very bright!"
      Bright you!
    "A snake?"
      Snake? (Looking quite scared in expression)
    "AHHHHH!" (acting like the bird is about to fly away)
      Peekaboo* Run!
    "A bee?"
    "You're flying!"
      Fly you!
    "Ahh, that's the one I like best."
      Best like I
    "You are very good at being you... and so much fun!"
      Good be yourself
    Much fun!