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Links to stories that have been posted by some outstanding authors. These stories are free to read but cannot be used without the authors' permission.

Action Adventure Stories with a Christian theme, Free Public Domain Stories

  The Solar Voyager, is an action filled space adventure that is centered around the space freighter "Solar Voyager" and its crew. What starts as a simple trip to the Moon quickly turns into much more then anyone had expected. Written by Apple Sauce Kids, about 50 pages long with a light Christian theme.
  Zon, is a space adventure that speaks to the problems of missionaries and sharing the Word. Written by Apple Sauce Kids, about 4 pages long with a Christian theme.

Mystery Stories with no Christian theme

We would love to have some stories in this category but sorry, none yet

Stories about people and relationships with a Christian theme

We would love to have some stories in this category but sorry, none yet

Story Acceptance Policy

     We accept both Christian and none Christian family friendly, public domain and royalty free stories. The author does not have to be published. Stories may contain miracles as long as they give God credit for the miracle. We do not accept any stories that promote or in any way put the Devil (Satan) over God, promote demonic activities, mysticism, or an anyway disparage Christianity or family values. None Christian stories are stories that promote family friendly values but may not contain a "Christian" message, theme, or information. We do not accept stories that promote other religions. We can easily add more categories to list any kind of story. To make comments or to submit a story, use this E-mail link

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