Last Chance

Author: Tony R. Stuckless of Spaniards Bay in Newfoundland, Canada. Written about June 9th of 2001.

Background: Post Rapture Earth as those left discover the loss of loved ones and chaos.

Actors: June - a young woman who never really accepted that Jesus was what she needed and Reverend Martin - a junior youth minister of a large city church who has obviously not really taken God at His Word.

Setting: this drama can be performed on a stage or church platform. The young lady should enter through a side door in a panic and the drama can be played out in the church setting with very few props. If in an auditorium, you should make up the stage to resemble a church platform with a few empty pews.

Author's request: It is the author's intention that this drama be delivered as a message in itself with a lead in to an altar call or a lead in to a few words from the churches' minister or pastor followed by an altar call. The author hereby relinquishes all rights to this drama on the condition that its message be kept intact. The drama is not copyrighted and is for the use and free distribution of all to the glory of God's Kingdom. Please, if this touches you, pass the story on. God will do the rest.

Introduction (to be read just before the drama begins):  Many people question if the Rapture of Christ's true church will ever happen. The Apostle Paul described it for us in 1st Thessalonians Chapter 4 Verses 14 to 17 and Jesus referred to the Rapture saying that two will be working side by side and one will be taken and the other left. What it means is that anyone who is a true believer in Christ will be taken to Heaven when the Rapture occurs. Those who are left will be non-believers, those who have turned their backs on Christ, and those who say they know Christ but did not have a real relationship with Him. What it all boils down to is the people left will have 7 years to make up their minds to follow Jesus or to continue to follow the world. These people will face decisions and events we can only get a glimpse of in the Bible through End Days prophecy in books like Daniel, Revelation and so on. This is the possible story of 2 such people, a young lady named June and a young minister, and how they are affected as the Rapture of the Christian Church occurs. Put yourself in their shoes as they experience the sudden loss of loved ones and the knowledge that their faith, or lack of it, has left them behind. One thing though, if Jesus comes back for His Church today are you ready or are you going to be left behind? (pause for a moment as the speaker leaves the stage or platform and bring the lights down before the scene begins).

(As the drama begins the lights gradually come up focusing on a figure of a man kneeling and crying at the foot of the church's cross. It is Reverend Martin.)

Reverend Martin: (crying and talking to the Cross {make sure he is not completely back on to the audience}) Oh dear Jesus what have I done? What have I done? My family is gone.... (voice breaks)... most of the church is gone and everything is out of control! (Still kneeling he leans back and raises his voice). You knew didn't you? ..... You knew!! ..... All along you knew I was playing at being a Christian. You knew my heart was cold and my faith empty! (Stands up and shouts). YOU KNEW ME!!! (still loud but not shouting) Now what am I supposed to do? Where do I go from here? Is it too late for me know? (voice cracks) My wife and children are gone with their bed clothes still in the beds as if they were in them. (voice breaks as he finishes and quieter now). What about me? .What do I do? What do you want me to do? (pause for silence) I guess I shouldn't expect an answer now of all times should I? I obviously didn't listen to you so why should you listen to me? (stand up and moves to the side next to the pulpit and finds clothing in front of the minister's chair) What's this? (voice rising as he holds up the clothes) Why these are the Reverend James' clothes. He must have been here when the rapture came. From the look of it he was praying. His Bible is even still open. (picks up the Bible). It's open to John 3 Verse 16, "For God so loved the world that He gave his only begotten son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life." ..... I guess your faith was real wasn't it. (sighs) You were right here when it happened. ...... (Pauses) For God so loved the world (trails off). (turns and faces the Cross voice rising) I should have known better. I even did studies on Bible prophecy, the Rapture, and the Second Coming. I should have known better!(pauses and voice quieter now). Yeah, I should have known better. ......... (Falls to his knees again and voice steady and calm) But there is hope isn't there. The Bible says I have 7 hard years to make a stand for Christ if I want to. Oh Jesus forgive me for playacting at church, forgive me for just going through the motions, just forgive me. (voice rising) I promise here and now that I will stand for you in this world. I promise I will be faithful until the 7 years of Tribulation are up or for as many days as you will give me. I will stand for you. Thank you Jesus for dying to save me from my sins. Thank you for this one last chance to be a real Christian! (stands up and his face is alive with passion. Bring lights up to full on his face).

(At that moment frantic pounding is heard on the side door and a voice Crys out)
June: (frantic) Is anyone in there? Help me! Help me! (as June Crys out Reverend Martin rushes to the door and opens it. June literally falls in through the door).

Reverend Martin: Calm down. Your OK. I'm here. (he pauses looking into her face). June isn't it?

June: (panicky) Reverend Martin! Yes I'm June, but there all gone!! My family's gone!.... I didn't know where to go. Help me find them! Please! (she stands up and comes inside the church).

Reverend Martin: (calmly, quietly) It's OK June there gone to be with Jesus. He came back last night while we slept.

June: (looks at him with blank frightened eyes) What do you mean there gone to be with Jesus?
I found there clothes right there in the beds like they were still lying in them! How did Jesus take them. (angry) There not dead, there just gone!
Reverend Martin: Slow down and think June. I believe you were here a couple of Sunday's ago when Reverend James preached on the Second Coming and the last days?

June: Yes, I was here but I didn't pay much attention. Dad made me come as usual. .....(pauses). Didn't he say something about Jesus coming back for His Church before the Second Coming?

Reverend Martin: Yes, he did and I believe that is what happened last night. Jesus came back for the true believers. Your parents and your younger brother were true Christians, so Jesus called them to Heaven.

June: (turns aside angry) That can't be true! I'm still here. (points her finger at Martin) You, you're even still here so how can that be true?

Reverend Martin: (his head drops and you can see the pain in his face) June, I've been fooling myself for years now. I came to church and I'm even a minister but I never really believed Jesus would come back like this but it's true. I only just now asked Jesus to forgive me. My family is gone too.(pauses and looks up) I know it's too late to be with our families now, but the Bible says we have one last chance to be saved and still see our families later. (pause) Just think for a moment what did you see on the way here from your house?

June: People were crying and screaming. A woman ran past me with empty baby clothes screaming for her baby. I saw two accidents and in both people were missing but their clothes were still in the cars. This one lady smashed into a parked car and crawled out saying her kids were gone. I looked into the back seat and their clothes were there! I ran to my aunts and banged on the door but she didn't come out. A cop tore down the road with his siren going and wouldn't stop. Everybody is going nuts.

Reverend Martin: Think about it June, the rest of your family really believed in Jesus right and so did your Aunt?

June: (hesitating) Yes.... and those small kids were gone and other people are looking for family too. (long pause) Maybe you are right. Maybe Jesus did come, (fearful and more excited) but isn't too late for us now?

Reverend Martin: No it isn't too late. We get one more chance to make it right. I didn't really believe in all this until now, but thank God, we do get one last chance to be saved and see our family again. It won't be easy going on without them but we can make it. The Bible says we have 7 years to get through before Jesus returns to set up His Kingdom on Earth. It will not be an easy 7 years, but if we stay faithful to Jesus, as true Christians, we will see our families again.

June: (kind of anxious) I want to believe. I've heard this before from Dad and Mom but I just tuned them out. What can I do to be saved? Please help me.

Reverend Martin: Come over to the Cross with me and we will pray. (Both move and kneel at the Cross). Repeat after me, but remember you must want to be saved with all your heart. ..... Do you want to be saved?

June: Oh yes, more than anything! Dear God forgive me!

Reverend Martin leads and June repeats these words: Dear Jesus, forgive me for I have sinned in not listening to you and those you sent to teach me about you. I did not listen when I was told of your coming back because I did not believe in you. I believe now and ask that you forgive me. I will lead a new life as your true follower. I will do what I can to help others in these last days before you return to set up your kingdom on earth. Please accept me and fill my heart with your love and power. Amen.

Reverend Martin: How do you feel now June?

June: (pauses and turns to the audience more so they can see her face). I still feel sad that they are gone, but I don't feel so bad now. I feel kind of warm and .... happier. ...... I can't really explain it but I feel I have hope now.

Reverend Martin: Thank God June, He has saved you. You are free now. Just hold onto that faith and help it grow. We can work together to help others. It won't be easy, because many will not listen even now and the Bible tells us it will get much harder to be a Christian in the next 7 years. I believe if we lean on Jesus and stand together we can make it. Let's go pray at the altar for strength and guidance in what we should do. I have a feeling this is going to be a long day and this church may get a little crowded when the shock wears off of a lot of people.

June: Thank you Reverend Martin for helping me realize I need Jesus now more than ever. It's been a long time since I really talked to Jesus. I really would like to pray at the altar to thank Him and ask Him to guide me. ( she turns to the Cross ) I'm sorry Jesus for not listening to you before, but I do want to thank you for one last chance to make it right.

(Both move to the altar and bow to pray. This is a good time for a slow contemporary Christian Song as lead in to an appeal or, if the Spirit is already moving, this song can be part of the appeal. Maybe your clergy will want to say a few words before the appeal at this point)

(( In any case may the love of Christ fill your hearts. Remember we are to watch, pray, and work for Jesus so that He finds us ready. Amen.))