Author: Tony R. Stuckless, Spaniards Bay, Newfoundland, Canada. Drama written about December 4th, 2001.

Author's Note: This dramatisation is written solely for the glorification of God. It is not copyright protected and is freely available for all those who will use this drama in God's name. At the end of the drama you could finish with an altar call if appropriate. You have the author's permission to use the drama as often as you like, but please keep the focus of the message intact. This drama is written in memory of my late sister who passed away suddenly on November 22nd of this year. She will be sadly missed but always remembered.

Setting: A church platform or stage with a small table and chair. The actor or actress should be sitting quietly in the chair as the drama starts and the lights come up. On the table is a small box large enough to hold a small nativity scene, a small Bible, and a cross. Make sure the box is closed and these items not in view.

Characters: One actor or actress.

Introduction to be read by a layperson or clergy as required: The author of this dramatization asked the following statement to be read.

Christmas is both a special time of year and a difficult time for so many. At the time I wrote this drama it was early December of 2001. And in my case, I have just lost my only sister to a sudden illness so in many ways this is my own story. I have no other brothers and sisters and she was only 45. My parents and I and my family have had to go through the shock, the grief, the pain, and the questions that accompany the death of a loved one. Despite all this we have grown to realize even more the spirit and promise of Christmas. Yes Christmas will be difficult this year but Christmas gives us a promise of renewed life. Please listen as the speaker explains the Promise of Christmas. …….. And, to my sister, who loved us deeply this one is for you. See you again one day.

(Lights come up on the table and chair where we see the actor/actress. Silence for a moment as the speaker slowly stands).

Christmas….. Christmas. The word itself, when spelled correctly, means the birth of Christ. …… So many people today put an X in front of the 'mas' and remove Christ altogether. (voice rising) Even Christians get so busy and caught up in preparations and the hype of what Christmas has become that we often forget the true meaning of Christmas. (voice drops) Sad isn't it?…. To forget the little child in the manager that started it all. (sits down and leans on the table). …… (raises voice and lowers head) But why remember Jesus anyhow many people say? ….Can you imagine so many go through Christmas after Christmas and either ignore Jesus because they do not know Him or are so busy they are trying to forget Him? ( raises head quickly) Why is this? (stands quickly and louder) Why? ………. Do you see this box here? … Wells this is where I thought I could put God once. … Would you believe anyone thinking they could put the God of the Universe in a small box? (long pause and as he/she starts speaking again slumps down into the chair and his/her voice begins to break) I lost my only sister recently to a sudden illness. … I got a call in the middle of the night telling me that my sister was gone. …. (face raises to the audience and emotion is clearly visible). I never even got a chance to say goodbye. …. I live 5 hours drive away and my sister lives with my mom and dad. My parents had no other children besides us and now when, they needed me most, I couldn't get there until hours later. …… All the way there I kind of prayed that it was a dream and I would wake up, but it was no dream. …..

When I got there Mom and Dad, who are both in their 70's, where in tears and my sister's body had been carried away by the hearse. …… (softly, brokenly) It was all for real……How I cried and how we all died a little with her. (stands and faces the audience and louder). You had to know my sister. Sure we did not always get along but we loved each other and we always looked out for each other. She loved us and she loved my own son and daughter dearly as if they were her own.. …… She never married herself, but she had her faith in God and she was good to people. The church was packed with people, many I never knew, who told me what she had meant to them. What an eternal testimony….. She believed in Jesus and now she has just gone ahead to be with Him.

(Sits down) Mom and dad were broken hearted but they have their faith in God to pull them through. ….. And you know; they are going to be alright. Family and friends at home are helping them through plus my sister's dog.

But most of all they have the assurance that comes from faith in a God who has promised that if we love Him and believe in His Son Jesus than we will go to Heaven. They, as do I and my family, believe we will see my sister again. …. Not here of course but in God's Kingdom. (stands quickly and louder). Now that is the real promise of Christmas. (excited) It's there for you to read in John 3 Verse 16! Read it for your self and then let it touch your soul. Take it out to others as they need to know this Good News too!

I will see my sister again. She is just gone ahead early. Yes, I miss her but we are not apart forever. We will see each other and Jesus too. ……

(quieter) Remember how I once said I kept God in a box like this one. (lifts cover off of the box). The one thing I did not realize back then is that God does not fit in any box made by human hands. …. Yes we try to keep God in our convenient little box but He is not the one who is then in the box is He? …..Let's see what is in my box. ….. (Takes out small manger scene bit by bit). First we have a manger scene with a Baby Jesus representing Christmas and eternal hope. (Now takes out a small cross and hold it up to the people before putting it on the table). Now we have a Cross, which is also a part of the promise of Christmas. It is because of the Cross that we can ask God for salvation through the blood of Jesus. With no Christmas manger there can be no Cross.(now takes out a small Bible and holds it up before laying it down). Lastly, we have a Bible which is God's word….. You know, this is our guide for living but we don't read it enough and so many of us want to delete parts that make us uncomfortable and feel politically incorrect. ….. One word of caution. It is people that have changed and not God. Why would a Holy God need to change to suit us and our lifestyles? Why would the maker of the Universe suddenly have to fit our rules? …… (picks up the box and shows it to the audience) Now you see my box is empty and God is not in the box. (sits down) You know it was my sister who really helped me understand that if I try to keep God in some box then I am the one in the box and not God. ……. So I would like to take a second and say thanks Sis. Thanks for the good memories, your love, and your life. We will see each other again one day in God's own time.

….. (stands up and louder and points at the crowd) Meanwhile what about you and you and you?…… Where is your hope this Christmas? None of us are going to live in these bodies forever but we do have a choice as to where we will go when we do die. It is up to each of us to choose God's Christmas gift of Jesus or, by not choosing, to reject God's Gift. (Lights fade out with the last line and a song begins to play as soon as the speaker is finished the last line { I like Breath of Heaven - Mary's Song by Amy Grant}). Do me and you a favour will you?…. Remember the real promise in Christmas and someday we will all be together in Heaven.

(At this point the drama is over, but I can think of no better way to honour my sister's memory than with a quiet and gentle altar call. After all Jesus and salvation are the real reason for the season. God bless you.)