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    Please feel free to use what is here! Much more to come! We have not done business with these companies so buyer beware.
    Please let us know where we can find more Public Domain scripts, and costume patterns for biblical characters. If you have some please share them with everyone else.

A large variety of drama and puppet scripts:
- Drama Share

    Please join with me in thanking Tony Stuckless, Spaniards Bay, Newfoundland, Canada for donating these wonderful dramatic scripts to the public domain. Tony's scripts are generally designed to be performed on a podium or stage by 1 - 5 persons and last from about 5 - 20 minutes.

One Man, the story of the Cross 
Show me the way, an Easter story
Gideon's Time , a salvation message for people that have no hope
John 3: 16 ( Wake Up Call)
Struggle When the struggles of life seem to be too big handle, there is always Christ.
Those Eyes tells the testimony of someone that saw Jesus during His last days.
The Promise of Christmas shares the meaning of Chistmas and the heart break of loosing a loved one at Chistmas time
Last Chance when the Rapture comes, will you be ready?

 Costumes, Costume Patterns 
Resources for Costumes, Costume patterns, and props

 MakeUp, Manufacturers 

Mehron, Lots of make up and info.

 MakeUp, Suppliers
Theatre, Lots of make up and info, but this site loads slow.

 Search for more info 
Stage make up, AUTO NET SEARCH

Drama schools, AUTO NET SEARCH

Children's Theatre
We wish to thank Ted Ressler of
The Children's Theatre, Inc.
P.O.Box 402
Camden, DE 19934
(302) 697-1271

for suppling us with this information. Be sure to see their productions.

About Children's Theatre in general

1. Who should I contact to get training? Contact your local theatre group about when they are having work shops. 
2. Are there any national clubs or groups? The American Assoc. of Community Theatres 
3. Are there any publications? Stage mag. 
4. What are the bad points or things you have to watch out for? Balancing your time between home and the theatre group. 
5. What things should you be sure to do? Use a set of rules for theatre discipline and Etiquette. 
6. What age group does this work best with? 8-18 years old.