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Free Christian Object Lessons

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Special Equipment
1.Growing up in Charity (Love)Demonstrates the stages of growing up in Charity (Love)8 cups and popsicle stick
2.Let God Cleanse You Of Your SinsDemonstrates that God needs to cleanse us of our sinsSome small wood blocks, paper, pencil, Magic Marker
3.God created the heavens.The children make a snow globe from a baby food jar.Empty baby food jar, water, and glitter
4.God Does Love MeChildren are told that Jesus never runs out of LoveMagicianís Repeat Change Bag, and three small pieces of cloth with "LOVE" written on them. Also tells you how to get a change bag.
5.Helping Hands Teaches understanding and compassion for handy capped peopleNo special supplies
6.Love, getting along with other racesTeaches that all races are better if we all work togetherThe supplies to make chocolate chip cookies
7.I'm SpecialChildren are told that they are special because they belong to Godone small piece of tape.

1. Jesus in Me, salvation
- this one is outstanding -

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A soft delivery with a strong salvation message that is good for all agesOne magician's Wooden Ball and Vase. Also tells you how to get a Ball and Vase.
9.2. Jesus in Me, salvationTalks about how Jesus grows in you as you read the Bible and pray.One balloon.
10.Noah, a witnessTells the story of Noah through the use of a remembering jar.One big jar (plastic or glass), water, and some small toys.
11.SharingThis Object Lesson points out the responsibility that comes with having an abundanceOne chocolate bar
12.The Spirit and the FleshThis Object Lesson demonstrates how to make the Spirit stronger then the Flesh through the Word of GodOne balloon
and one small toy person
13.Sin separates us from GodThis Object Lesson demonstrates that Sin separates us from God and only repentance can bring us back together1) 1 sheet of paper
2) pen,or pencil, or magic marker

3) Scissors
4) Rubber Cement
5) Talcum (Talc) Powder
13.The Law of Seed Plant HarvestThis Object Lesson demonstrates that when the Word goes out of your mouth it goes everywhere and will find good ground because God planted good seeds in you.1)a Dandelion flower
14.Fill yourself with Jesus and there will be no room for the DevilThis Object Lesson demonstrates that when you fill yourself with God the Devil has no influence on your life1)One small bowl about the size of a large soup bowl.
2)A larger bowl or small bucket full of something soft and easy to pour like sand, or rice.
3)A doll
4)A straight edge
15. Protect yourself Use simple things that protect us from injury to lead to a discussion of how God protects us. Show various protective objects like a thimble, ear plugs, rubber gloves, eyeglass guards, knee pads etc.
16. The In filling and guiding of the Spirit This Object Lesson is a general demonstrates of the basic idea of being filled and guiding of the Spirit One balloon that is big enough to be seen in your class room