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The Peek-A-Boo Charlie Parrot Signing Puppet. The complete design with template and ready to use story.
- Ready to use story
- What the puppet looks like when completed

- All of the templates needed to make this puppet.

Special thanks to Laurel D. Austin, her co-workers, and Teresa Linton for sharing this great puppet idea and design.

A large variety of drama and puppet scripts:
- Puppet Resources
- Drama Share

Please join me in giving international award winning puppet team leaders Lori and Karl Thrash special thanks. They have kindly donated some of their outstanding puppet scripts to the public domain. All I can say is, Enjoy!
 On the Scene, what would it have been like for a modern News Team to have been on the scene at Jesus' birth.

 "Who wants to be a Heavenly Heir?", is a Christian version of the TV show "Who wants to be a Millionaire?".

 "The Peoples Trial", If you were on trial for your beliefs in Jesus Christ would you be found guilty? Today more than ever we need to take a stand for our faith and fight for the truth against all the Sinnicks in this world that we will have to face.

 "Crime Scene Investigators, The story of Cain and Abel", The story of Cain and Abel presented as it might appear on the TV show "Crime Scene Investigators"

 "Heretic Jeopardy", Don't play jeopardy with your life! The Bible is the word of God and is the perfect word of God, we should not stray from it. Make a decision for your life today; will it be truth or heresy? NOTE: This is not a standard puppets script. This script won 3rd place in international competition. It is supported by a Power Point file and may be a bit more then the average puppet team wants to get into. Basicly it is based on the TV show "Jeopardy" and has a "Jeopardy" like display on a TV set that follows the script.Click Here for the Power Point File.

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